The new series of gas volume correctors in the group of ELCOR has been expanded with the new ELCORlite device. This corrector offers a powerful solution with a fixed configuration for commercial gas metering purposes.

The ELCORlite gas volume corrector is a meter designed to convert the volume of gas measured under operating conditions to the volume under basic conditions.

Information about the measured amount of gas is read through the pulse outputs of the gas meter. The gas temperature and the gas pressure are measured by external transducers. The degree of gas compressibility is calculated by the instrument according to conventional methods or uses a constant value.

Very wide measuring ranges (eg 0.80 – 5.2bar) make it easier for the user to use the device in various types of measurements. The temperature transducer is a product of Elgas, it is a temperature transducer with the name EDT 124. It is a new digital transducer with a semiconductor sensing element.

    • Single-channel gas volume corrector
    • Modular design
    • High accuracy and stability of measurement
    • The battery life of up to 11 years for a corrector and 11 years for a modem (HB-03D battery) under defined conditions
    • 1x digital pressure transducer EDT125, 1x digital temperature transducer EDT124 with extended measuring ranges
    • Pressure measuring range up to 130 bar
    • High memory capacity for storing of measured values
    • Version for operating in temperatures from -40 °C
    • Two variants of LCD display – graphical display (allowing full interaction with the device) or segment display (constantly illuminated – non-switched off)
    • Robust design with IP 66 protection suitable for outdoor installation
    • Fully configurable device via supplied software
    • Designed for a potentially explosive environment in Zones 0, 1 and 2
    • Metrological approval according to MID: TCM 143 / 20-757
    • ATEX certificate FTZÚ 17 ATEX 0067X


    • 3 independent communication interfaces with supported speed up to 115,200 Bd
    • Optional integrated modem
    • Modems for 2G, 3G, 4G, NB (Narrow Band) networks available
    • Support for an external modem connected via serial interface
    • IEC 62056-21 optical interface (IEC-1107) with supported speed up to 115,200 Bd
    • Integrated RS232 / RS485 serial interface + 1xRS232 (optional module located in internal modem slot)

Inputs / Outputs:

    • 3 digital inputs (low-frequency pulse or binary)
    • 2 digital outputs (low-frequency pulse or binary)
    • Up to 2 analog outputs provided via CLO module (4-20mA)
    • NAMUR or SCR+ encoder interface (optional)


Internal Modules:

  • NAMUR – interface module for ENCODER – NAMUR
  • SCR – interface module for ENCODER – SCR
  • M2G – 2G modem, GSM / GPRS (Quad band 850/900/1800/1900MHz)
  • M4G – 4G modem, LTE (available in several versions for different world technology including a modem for LTE-cat M1 networks)
  • COM0 – RS232 communication module

External Modules:

    • PS-E: External power supply for EVC (terminals PWR1)
    • B-RS: Intrinsically safe communication barrier RS485/RS232
    • B-DO: Intrinsically safe barrier for digital outputs
    • PS-M and PS-M1: External power supply for modems in corrector (terminals PWR2)
    • B-PRO: External module includes the functionality of three single devices PS-E, PS-M and B-DO (1x DO)

Technical Data Sheet
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ATEX Certificate FTZÚ 17 ATEX 0143X
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