UMW offers several meter technologies depending on customer requirements.  The choice of meter will depend on several factors such as pressure range, flow rate and whether volume correction is required.  Technologies include Diaphragm Meters, Rotary Meters, Turbine Meters and Thermal Mass Meters.

UMW is the exclusive U.K distributor for Romet Rotary meters and MeteRSit Smart Meters.  These two manufacturers are the preferred choice when recommending meters within our modules design.   Should the customer, however, wish for an alternative meter such as Vemmtec, Elster, Itron or Sick, we will make every effort to accommodate their request.

Rotary Gas Meter

Rotary Gas Meter

Rotary Meters: Designed to handle higher volumes and pressure than traditional Diaphragm Meters.  UMW support meters with flow rate of 25m3 to 1600m3

Turbine Gas Meter

Turbine Gas Meter

Turbine Meters; Designed to handle higher flow rates than Rotary Meters, but at lower flow rates have a poorer performance. UMW support flow rates of 1600m3 to 3200m3.



Thermal Mass Smart Meters have the advantage of no moving parts, unrestricted flow and no need for a volume corrector and have high accuracy over a wide flow rates.  UMW supports unit G4 through to G10, G16 and G25.


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