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Solution Providers for the Gas Industry

The UMW website collates all of the metering related products that the market actually needs, so we can become the main website for our customers’ metering needs.


What We Offer

Gas Meter Modules
Gas Pressure Regulators
Gas Volume Converters
MeteRSit Smart Meters


UMW offers the design and manufacturing of meter modules, all completed in-house, in addition to a range of stand-alone products. What differentiates UMW from the competition is the exceptional service level, incorporating the supply, maintenance, installation and technical support, which in turn builds a strong relationship and trust with their clients. The full range of products and services are featured on this website, which includes meters and modules, rotary gas meters, pre-assembled gas meter and governor modules, gas volume converters and smart meters.

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“Customers say that they buy from us because we listen, advise and provide “fit for purpose” solutions, working closely with them, which gives them the confidence in our ability to provide the correct system” 

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