Types of Gas MetersThe gas we use can be measured in many different ways. Here we have compiled the different meters used to calculate the amount of gas we consume.

Diaphragm meter: This type of meter is one of the most commonly used, not only in the UK but also in the US. It works by allowing gas to pass through a pump. The pump is then connected to a counter that tallies how many times the pump contracts and expands. As we know the volume of the pump, we can now calculate the amount of gas that is consumed.

Rotary meter: This gas meter works by using two rotors that are geared together. The turning of the rotors as the gas passes indicates how much gas is flowing.

Turbine meter: This type of gas meter works by calculating the speed at which the gas moves through a turbine or helix.

Orifice meter: An orifice meter is a simple design. It is a straight tube which has an orifice in the middle that creates a pressure drop proportional to the flow of gas that passes through it. By measuring the pressure, one can attain the amount of gas used.

Ultrasonic flow meters: This type of gas meter measures the speed of gas using ultrasound. As the speed of sound changes when the gas is moving the gas meter can measure the gas consumption.

Coriolis meters: By using a physical principle called the ‘Coriolis Effect’, this gas meter is able to measure the mass of the flowing gas.

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