Gas Volume Converters


Downloaded file is packed by ZIP packing software. Click on “Setup.exe” after unpacking to complete the installation.

Follow the instructions contained in the installation directory.  The installation program provides a directory, into which individual parts of the program will be installed. If you require an alternative directory, then you can specify your own destination drive directory. You will need to confirm this by pressing the Enter key. After finishing installation, a new group will be created under the directory name ELGAS in the Start/Programs menu in  addition to the Telves  icon on your desktop.


The TELVES software platform is intended for communication with the following devices:

Supported OS: MS Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP/Windows 7(32 or 64 bit)

  • Communication with system via fixed line RS-232/RS-485, telephone or GSM data modem or GPRS channel
  • Parameterisation of system (miniELCOR, maxiELCOR, DATCOM-RTU, ELCOR-2, DATCOM-2, DATCOM-AMR, AMR2, AMR3, DATCOM-K4)
  • Finishing (calibrating) one-point or two-point measured analogue quantities in modules which enable it Can’t decipher what this is trying to say so cannot properly translate?
  • Reading and displaying momentary values of analogue and binary quantities
  • Reading archived analogue and binary quantities, its and storing into databases
  • Displaying archived data into a table and graph
  • Generating daily and hourly consumption curves in text form with type of quantities “impulse counter”
  • Secure system with passwords
  • Reading and setting up system time
  • Enabling by upgrading new firmware
  • Periodic automated reading and processing of data from multiple measuring points at once without user intervention

Note: During entry of any decimal values into the program, TELVES.EXE use dot instead of decimal point.

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