Gas Volume Converters

As the approved UK distributor of the Elgas range, UMW has developed “Liaise” an effective reporting system, allowing remote monitoring of assets within the gas network.  These may include Gas Network Pressures, Pressure Reduction Systems and Metering Installations.  Data collected can be sent remotely to the host computer.  The user can collect and analyse key data in real time, with the ability to monitor the condition and performance of safety devices, slam shuts, pressure controls and metering equipment, without the need for a costly site visits.

The Liaise system works in conjunction with the Elgas Maxi station monitor or Nano Elcor devices.  Pressure sensors and UMWs unique slam shut monitoring technology allow the user to monitor critical system parameters remotely.  Inbuilt alarms signal when potential problems exists allowing users to take corrective action; scheduled site maintenance visits or prioritise their current work load.

The nanoElcor is the preferred hardware for simpler installations, where a single pressure point measurement is required together with flow and slam shut status.  For installations requiring more extensive monitoring, with up to 4 pressure point a 6 digital inputs such as 2 slam shuts, Filter DP, 2 temperature, battery and flow – the maxiElcor station monitor is the unit of choice.

The Liaise system brings together measuring hardware, remote communications and software, providing a complete solution delivering historical information for the asset managers.  Data can be viewed either on a local machine or on a mobile device using a standard web browser.  Any critical alarms can be forwarded to maintenance crews or asset managers via email.

The Asset Manager has continuous secure access to the latest data via the web.  The user can view data graphically or in tabular form and if required export to other systems in standard .csv file format. 

For ease of use a dashboard is available for quick visual reference, providing easy and intuitive global information across the asset base, while allowing the user to drill down and health check individual sites showing issues. 

Communication is assured using a true secure roaming M2M data SIM cards to ensure best network coverage at all time.

Features and Benefits

  • Remote monitoring, in real time
  • Continuous data collection and analysis
  • Identifies potential problems before customer is impacted
  • Web based communication
  • Dash board data display and alerts
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Improves system reliability
  • Reduces on-site routine inspections and testing
  • Improves energy efficiency
  • Added convenience –key information at your fingertips

The Elcor hardware can be pre-configured and installed by your service providers during normal maintenance visits. Installation training can be provided. Cost-effective slam shut indicators are available for Donkin, Elster, Itron, Fiorentini, Tartarini and other makes needed for a special installation project.


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