Smart Meters: Everything You Need To KnowEnergy bills are one of the biggest expenses in a household aside from your rent or mortgage payments. Naturally, everyone would want to find ways to monitor their consumption and save a few extra pounds from these bills. This is now possible with smart meters.

Smart meters are devices that will replace standard gas and electricity meters in your home or business. It works by measuring and recording energy usage in real-time. It will then provide you with a digital version of your current meter readings, through a smart energy monitor. This information is also sent directly to your supplier via a wireless communication network so you don’t need to worry if there is no internet connection available in your home. This eliminates the need for someone to come and read your meter or for you to submit your meter readings and reduces the chance that you receive inaccurate estimated bills.

With this technology, you are able to monitor your actual usage so you can effectively manage your energy use. Seeing how much electricity and gas you use in real-time can hopefully help you make better decisions on how you consume energy. Your savings will not be immediately noticeable, but by changing simple daily habits that you never realised wasted so much energy, you will definitely see your energy bills decrease.

Saving money with smart meters will be up to you and how you utilise the information it provides. Aside from helping you manage your energy consumption, smart meters will also be able to notify your supplier if there is power outage so the problem will be located faster and repairs can be done sooner.

Smart meters are usually installed by trained personnel with no upfront costs. The UK government has targeted to install a smart meter in every household by 2020 but it is still up to you if you want one installed in your home. Some people are concerned that they will not be able to switch energy suppliers once they have a smart meter but this is already addressed by the newer, second-generation smart meters that is compatible with all suppliers.

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