Gas Volume Converters

The CL-1 Current Loop module serves as a converter of digital signals to a 4-20mA current output signal. The module can be connected to the ELCOR-2 or xELCOR/xDATCOM series. The converter can be used for generating a continuous current signal proportional to measured values such as pressure, temperature or flow. It is possible to connect up to 4 CL-1 modules to a single device.


  • Analog current output for volume correctors or data loggers
  • DIN bar 35 mm assembly mount design
  • State indication by LED
  • Supply voltage range 3 to 15V
  • It is possible connect 5 to 40V to current output terminals
  • Current output signal 4-20mA
  • Power consumption 2mA
  • Resolution 16 bits
  • Working temperature -25°C to 60°C


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