The RB 4600 regulator is designed for use in city gate or district stations where overpressure protection is provided by a combination of an active regulator and a monitor regulator with an upstream slam-shut valve.

The RB 4600 is a pilot-operated regulator with a monitor regulator and a safety shut-off device built into a single compact unit. Its pilot system provides a fast and accurate response to flow rate variation. The monitor pilot system is especially fast to react and to take over in case the active regulator fails to control the outlet pressure.

The optional built-in shut-off valve offers protection for overpressure or over-and under-pressure. Its bypass system  eases the shut-off valve relatching.

RB 4600

Itron RB 4600 Commercial and Industrial Regulator

The RB 4600 series is designed to provide extremely accurate gas regulation over a wide range of flows and outlet pressures. Typical applications include large commercial and industrial installations and district stations.

The RB 4600 features a compact, multi-range pilot system that is easy to use, including strainer and feeder. Integral shut-off valves for over and under-pressure protection are available.

Commercial & Industrial
Outlet Pressure
5 mbar to 13bar
Max Inlet Pressure25 bar
Body SizesDN25, DN40, DN50, DN80, DN100
ConnectionsEN334 face to face PN16, PN25, ANSI150
Monitor version
Internal creep Relief valveNo
Over pressure/Under Pressure shut off valve (OPSO)/(UPSO)Optional
ControlPilot control
Accuracy and lock up pressure
Up to AC1/ up to SG25
  • Compact
  • High flow capacity
  • Accurate control
  • Low differential
  • Easy maintenance
  • Rugged construction for durability
  • Travel indicators


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