Gas Meters and Electricity Meters: What You Need To Know
To be able to get accurate bills, gas and electricity meters measure the amount of energy you consume. Learning about how they work, how you can spot faulty meters and how to read them will help you be in control of your energy bills.

Reading your electricity and gas meters

Some suppliers send their staff to read the traditional meters for you whilst some get automatic readings from smart meters. Although the readings are done by either the staff or the smart meters itself, you should still check your meter regularly to see if it’s working accurately.

Faulty energy meters

If your meter seems to be running too fast or too slow, there might be something wrong with it. This may cause you to have unusual bills or meter readings. If you think your meter is faulty, try to record your regular readings. Turn off your appliances and watch the meter if it still registers significant amounts of energy. Report it immediately to your supplier so they could investigate it and take proper action.

How gas meter is measured

Information found on your gas bill will explain to you how the bill has been calculated. One thing to consider is the heating value or calorific value of gas. It depends on the country where you live and may vary from day to day. The country is divided into 13 different local distribution zones and the customers’ bills are based on the average daily calorific value of the area for the billing period. The other things taken into account are the temperature and pressure which varies as gas expands and contracts.

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