1 Shut-off valve: Integrated shut-off valve (optional), which can be remotely controlled, in accordance with EN 16314

2 Consumption curves: Hourly and daily consumption storage for 72 days.

3 Tariff management: Management of 3 tariffs, with consumption divided into 5 daily tariff bands, which can be programmed for weekdays, weekends/public holidays and daylight saving time.

4 Small Size: Compact design. Easy to install and initialise.

5 Measurement and certifications: MID certifications Module B T10362 and Module D EC-193.

6 Encryption / Authentication: AES 128-bit encrypted communication.

7 Replaceable SIM: SIM is replaceable on location; it is accessible from the battery compartment.

8 Alarms: Alarms to signal abnormal operating conditions and suspected hacking. Logger to record alarms and events.

9 Software Upgrade: The application software can be remotely updated.  

Thermal mass Electronic Gas Meter

SMETS2 ready

Remotely controllable for end user contract management

Exact Measurements- no need for approximate values leading to estimation errors

Accuracy of measurement at every temperature and every pressure

Transparent and timely billing

Innovative and Reliable

Very low noise level

Type Approval MID T10362 Module B
and CE-193 Module D
Measuring range 0.04 – 6.0 m3/h
Standard temperature for volume output 15 °C
Operating temperature-25 °C to 55 °C
Standard pressure for volume output 1013.25 mbar
Gas application 2nd Family Group H and L (EN 437)
Max. operating pressure 500 mbar
Accuracy class1.5
Measuring AccuracyQmin Qt± 3.0 %
Measuring AccuracyQt Qmax ± 1.5 %
Max. Pressure drop<2 mbar at Qmax
Nr. of tariffs 3
Depth of consumption registers @ 1 day rate 72 days
Depth of consumption registers @ 1 hour rate72 days
Nominal Diameter DNG 1’ ¼- ISO 228/1
Inlet & Outlet Distance110 mm
Width x Height x Depth192 mm x 137,3 mm x 102 mm
Weight 1.7 kg
Resistance to water, dust and impactIP 65, IK 08
ATEX zone 2 Ex II 3 G Ex nA IIA T6 Gc
Display2 lines multi-segment display Upper line 10 characters
Lower line 9 digits
Automotive range –30°C to +85°C
Optical port EN 62056-21
Valve Compliancy with EN 16314
Maximum leakage for the valve120 cc/h at Pin = 500 mbar
Battery supply2 x 3.6 V size D lithium cell
(19Ah each)
Functioning without external battery> 7000h

Available with the following communication technologies

  • Wireless MBUS169MHz
  • WirelessMBUS 868 MHZ
  • GPRS


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