The Domusnext® counters are next-generation measuring instruments, electronic, static, telemetered and managed remotely, offering easy, reliable installation.

Type Approval MID T10362 Module B
and CE-193 Module D
Measuring range G10: 0.10-16.0 m3/h
G16: 0.16-25.0 m3/h
G25: 0.25-40.0 m3/h
Standard temperature for volume output 15 °C
Operating temperature-25 °C to 55 °C
Standard pressure for volume output 1013.25 mbar
Gas application 2nd Family Group H and L (EN 437)
Max. operating pressure 500 mbar
Accuracy class1.5
Measuring AccuracyQmin Qt± 3.0 %
Measuring AccuracyQt Qmax ± 1.5 %
Max. Pressure dropG10, G16: <2 mbar at Qmax
G25: <3 mbar at Qmax
Nr. of tariffs 3
Depth of consumption registers @ 1 day rate 72 days
Depth of consumption registers @ 1 hour rate72 days
Nominal Diameter DNG 2” - ISO 228/1
Inlet & Outlet DistanceG10, G16: 280 mm G25: 335 mm
Width x Height x Depth436 x 188 x 188 mm
Weight 5.7 kg
Resistance to water, dust and impactIP 65, IK 08
ATEX zone 1
Ex II 1/2 G Ex ib IIB T4
(CEC12 ATEX019 12/2031 AET 944)
Display2 lines multi-segment display Upper line 10 characters
Lower line 9 digits
Automotive range –30°C to +85°C
Optical port EN 62056-21
Battery supply3.6 V size D lithium cell (19Ah)
3,6 V size AA lithium cell (2.2Ah)
Functioning without external battery> 5000h

Available with GPRS communication technology

Exact Measurements- no need for approximate values leading to estimation errors

Transparent and timely billing

Innovative and Reliable


1 Small Size: Compact design. Easy to install and initialise.

2 Optical Port: Compliant to EN 62056-21.

3 Built-in communications system: Bi-directional radio communication of data, commands and alarms.

4 Consumption curves: Hourly and daily consumption storage for 72 days.

5 Antenna: Integrated high performance antenna. Optional external antenna on request.

6 Battery 1: Replaceable 3.6 V D-size lithium battery (19Ah); with transmission of low battery and battery-removal alarms.

7 Replaceable SIM: SIM is replaceable on location; it is accessible from the battery compartment.

8 Single button: Supports the display of messages.

9 Display: Top line has 10 alphanumeric characters and the bottom line has 9 numeric characters, with a high resistance to sunlight.


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