Gas Meter Module

The vemm tec IGTM-CT Gas Turbine Meter is a highly accurate flow meter, approved for custody transfer measurement, equipped with electronic pulse outputs and a mechanical counter.

The IGTM-CT measures gas volume flowing through an annular passage in the meter. The flowing gas volume is totalised on a local mechanical counter. In addition, low or high frequency pulse signals are generated to infer the gas flow and volume. The indicated gas volume is the actual volume flowing through the meter at the actual temperature and pressure.

The IGTM-CT meter can be used for measurement of various kinds of gases, such as natural gas, air, nitrogen, hydrogen, biogas (note special design)), acid gas (special design).


The operation of the IGTM is based on the measurement of the velocity of gas. The flowing gas is accelerated and conditioned by the meter´s straightening section. The straightening vanes prepare a steady flow profile and removes undesired swirl, turbulence and asymmetry before the gas enters the turbine wheel. The dynamic forces of the flowing fluid cause the rotor to rotate. The turbine wheel is mounted on the main shaft, with special high precision, low friction ball bearings. The turbine wheel has helical blades that have a known angle relative to the gas flow. The conditioned and accelerated gas drives the turbine wheel with an angular velocity that is proportional with the gas velocity.

The rotating turbine wheel drives the index head with the eight-digit mechanical counter via shafts and gears.

The volume and flow rate can also be indicated electronically. A proximity probe generates a signal at each passing blade of the turbine wheel. With the device-specific K-factor and the number of pulses the delivered volume can be calculated. With the measured frequency, the flow rate can be determined.

IGTM-CT meter

The IGTM-CT meter is available for the following ranges:

  • From 5 to 10,000 m³/h
  • With diameters of DN 50 (2“) to DN 400(16“)
  • With flanges PN 10 – PN 100 or ANSI 150 – 300 – 600 (RF or RTJ)
  • With low-frequency Reed (contact) sensors and high-frequency  NAMUR sensors
  • In carbon steel, spheroidal cast iron or special steel*)
  • With standard (1:20) or improved measuring range
  • Many options (calibration, certificates, special wishes)


Sizes, Flow Rate and Flanges

The available nominal diameter of the IGTM-CT gas turbine meter ranges from DN 50 (2″) to DN 600 (24″). Other sizes are available on request.

The IGTM-CT can be delivered with G rates ranging from G 40 to G 16 000, which means that IGTM-CT is available for flow rates from 7 m³/h to 25 000 m³/h. The MID approval is valid for meter sizes DN 80 (3”) G 100 and above.

IGTM-CT meters with a Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel meter body can be manufactured either with ANSI flanges or with DIN flanges in the ranges:

  • ANSI 150# RF – ANSI 600# RF (or ANSI 600 RTJ)
  • PN10 – PN100

In case of a Stainless Steel meter body; please enquire for sizes

above DN 150 (6”)

IGTM-CT meters with a Ductile Iron (EN-GJS-400-18-LT) meter

body are available in diameters from DN 50 (2″) to DN200



Standard accuracy limits for the IGTM-CT are in accordance with

the MID directive (2004/22/EC) and many other regulations:

± 1% for 0.2 Qt to Qmax (Range 1:20: Qt = 0.2 Qmax)

± 2% for Qmin to 0.2 Qt (Range ≥1:30: Qt = 0.2 Qmax)

As an option the accuracy limits can be improved to:

± 0.5% for 0.2 Qt to Qmax

± 1% for Qmin to 0.2 Qt

These limits are valid for the meter performance in ambient air.

Performance is better with an application at high-pressure.


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