How can a meter module save money on gas?

As energy prices rise across the UK and Ireland, it has become more important than ever for consumers to reduce their intake and save money. For many households, low smart meters can serve this function, by monitoring your gas usage and sending your readings to...

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When should you replace a gas meter?

To obtain precise gas readings to ensure you are paying the correct amount for your energy bills, it is essential to replace your gas meter when recommended. If your gas meter is approaching the end of its useable life, your gas company should send you a letter...

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Choosing the Right Gas Pressure Regulator

A gas pressure regulator is a device that maintains the gas pressure of a supply line. It must put as much gas into the piping system as the load device takes out. Also, it must maintain the system pressure within acceptable limits to prevent the pipes from bursting....

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What You Need to Know About Smart Meters

Smart meters are designed to replace your analogue electricity and gas meters. They use a secure network to electronically send data of your actual energy consumption to your suppliers. What are the benefits of smart meters? It sends automatic meter readings Smart...

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How Often Should Electricity Meters Be Changed?

Here are a couple of instances that might require you to replace your existing electricity meter with a new one. Validity of certification Electricity meters should be changed depending on the validity period of its certification. According to GOV.UK, the...

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Gas Meters and Electricity Meters: What You Need To Know

To be able to get accurate bills, gas and electricity meters measure the amount of energy you consume. Learning about how they work, how you can spot faulty meters and how to read them will help you be in control of your energy bills. Reading your electricity and gas...

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What You Should Look For In Gas Meter Modules

For many commercial companies and industries, there is a dilemma in obtaining the standards needed for a reliable gas meter module. Utility Meters Warehouse strictly follows a design and engineering process to make sure that every product is at its best. Below are...

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How To Read Your Gas And Electric Meters

It is only right to know and see the total bill for everything we are paying for. That said, learning how to read your gas and electric meters can provide you with a peace of mind that your bills justly reflect your total consumption. However, with so many different...

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Smart Meters: Everything You Need To Know

Energy bills are one of the biggest expenses in a household aside from your rent or mortgage payments. Naturally, everyone would want to find ways to monitor their consumption and save a few extra pounds from these bills. This is now possible with smart meters. Smart...

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